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Monday, May 15, 2017

Sandy Springs 5/11/17 Toastmasters Meeting Recap

Dear Fellow Toastmasters and potential Guests:

As usual, even though attendance was light, our members came through. Reminders were given that we will be electing a new slate of officers at our June 1st meeting. 

Melinda Schmitt led Table Topics.  She asked that we have our responses refer to or include the previous speaker’s  TT response.  She began with a story of how her “year of hugging” led to her being featured in a Reader’s Digest article, and each responder did very well at incorporating the previous TT response into theirs.

Steve Bragg won for his response about Canada being the U.S.’s attic.

We had two speeches –  Bud Otto gave a very informative talk on economics in general, and compared U.S. economics to that of European countries. He offered valuable solutions to some of the challenges we’re facing.  The title of his talk was “Economic Realities”.

Melinda Schmitt took us in an entirely different direction with “The Future of Self Meditation”.  (Something to relax us after Bud’s economics speech.)  Melinda asked us to close our eyes and talk with our future selves so that we could make decisions today that would get us there. 

Both were excellent speeches, and Melinda won for best speech.

Ralston Medouze evaluated Melinda, and Andrea Miranda evaluated Bud. Andrea won best Evaluator.

That’s it!

Every meeting offers something of value.

See you next week.

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