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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sandy Springs 3/30/17 Toastmasters Mtg Recap

Toastmaster of the day, John Calloway, after his opening remarks, welcoming guest, Jo Ann Dean and reminders by VPE, Anastasia Pass, to members to pay their dues, started the reverse meeting with evaluators and speakers first, ending with Table Topics.

Bud Otto introduced the first speaker, Paige Kerr.  Paige gave her 5th speech of the Competent Communicator manual which is The Body Speaks.  Her speech, entitled "ABC's of Technology" was a reader's digest walk through the world of "bits and blocks".  She explained the technology of block chains, what they are and how they work in conjunction with bit coin technology.  Bud, first Evaluator, complimented her on doing a great job making a fairly dry subject very interesting and suggested that for these kinds of subjects she might consider using the white board to emphasize her points.

Darbie Saunders introduced the second speaker and long-term member, Jim Owen, who gave a speech about Habitat for Humanity.  His very informative and inspiring speech covered the origin, mission, vision and purpose of the organization, closing with a call to action for audience to sign up to volunteer for a home-building project.  Darbie, the second Evaluator, gave Jim very substantive input on what she liked about his presentation as well as suggestions on how he could strengthen it.

Due to the reverse meeting format, Table Topics session was last, following an "out of order" evaluation of the meeting by GE, Anastasia Pass.  The theme of Table Topics Master, Ralston Medouze,was "why it's interesting".  He gave each participant one word or phrase and each member had to explain why that item was interesting. Topics ran the gamut from economics, to art design, foreign languages, comic books and technology. Steve Bragg won Best Table Topics for his classic Steve-Bragg-tongue-in-cheek response to why foreign languages are interesting.

Award winner for Best Speaker of the day was Paige Kerr and Best Evaluator was Darbie Saunders.

Though the meeting format was a little out of the ordinary, TM, John Calloway, did a superb job of handling an unusual agenda, as did all of the members who were able to attend.  The amazing flexibility and willingness of all the members to pitch in are just two of the qualities that make this a early morning Toastmasters group so enjoyable and most definitely worth the investment of time.

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