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Monday, April 17, 2017

Sandy Springs Toastmasters 4/13 Meeting Recap and Roles for 4/20

Dear Fellow SS Toastmasters:  Looking forward to seeing everyone this week.  Please review the roles below and confirm asap with Anastasia Pass that you will be able to do or not.

Toastmaster: Phillip Knight
Table Topics: Bud Otto
Speakers: Paige Kerr (NEED one or two more speakers!!)
GE: Jeremiah Jones
Evaluators:  Jim Owen & Anastasia Pass
Word: Melinda Schmitt
Joke: Reza Shah
Ah/Gr: Open
Ti/V: Open

4/13 Meeting Recap

Paige Kerr did a most excellent job serving as Toastmaster for the meeting.

After the Word of the Day ("groin") and Riddles of the Day, Anastasia Pass led the Table Topics with the theme "today in history".  A variety of events that happened on April 13 from 754 years ago to the present were spotlighted and questions related to each of them were given to members and guests. Best Table Topics Award was earned by Bud Otto for his poignant answer to a who in his history had a great impact on his life.

The only speech was given by Andrea Miranda.  It was her 4th speech entitled "The Meaning of Living", the CC Manual project "How to Say It".  She shared a heart-wrenching story of one of her life-changing moments and how it taught her to live differently.  Bud Otto provided her with very substantive and helpful feedback on her presentation.  Bud won Best Evaluator and Andrea won Best Speaker.  

Many thanks to Jim Owen for bringing the coffee and serving as GE; to Darbie Saunders for handling Ti/V, and to Ralston Medouze for being our Ah/Gr.  New guest, Jacqueline Schadeck, gave the meeting a good assessment and plans to return.

What a fun and helpful group this is!  I can hardly wait to hear this week's Table Topics and Speeches!  See you Thursday.

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