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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Sandy Springs Toastmasters 12-15-16 Meeting Recap

Today was our last meeting of the 2016 and it was a good one.  We were all surprised by a new table formation which was more like a semi-circle.  Bud Otto served as our ever faithful Sergeant-At-Arms opening meeting with the pledge on this nice crisp cold morning and then turned over to Alan Magee, President.  Alan challenged us all to think about how we could use our TM skills over the holidays, e.g. make a toast to the family, throw out some table topics to friends and family members as conversation starters.  He also asked us each to think about the TM roles, achievements and awards we had in 2016 and encouraged all to establish their TM goals for 2017, reiterating that Anastasia Pass, VPE and he are ready to help however we can. 

After he invited our one guest, Brittany, to introduce herself, he then turned the meeting over to Toastmaster, Crystal Reeves.  Crystal, being the pro she is, set the mood of the meeting with a funny story about holiday office parties and then breezed thru the agenda with ease. Word of the day from Anastasia Pass was "jocund" which was used by several members throughout the meeting.  Michael McConnell presented the joke of the day which was about how many people you can marry...cute ending.  Ask him to tell you next time you see him.  John Calloway served as Table Topics Master for the first time.  After Bud explained the rules, John had each member pick an item from a bag without looking and then had a different question for each object.  While there were a wide variety of very clever responses, Steve Bragg won Best Table Topics. His object was a bottle of cinnamon spice and his tongue-in-cheek description of the item was about how cinnamon can cause "Cinnamon Lung", a terrible syndrome likened to Black Lung. Lol!  Only Steve!

After enjoying some coffee provided by Alan Magee and some lively conversations, the speaking and evaluating portion of the meeting began. Catherine Lautenbacher introduced the only speaker of the day, Paige Kerr.   Paige gave her 4th speech, the "how to say it" project, which was entitled "Moonstruck".  Inspired by the full moon we had this week, Paige used a variety of long, short, vivid and action words and sentences as she told us all about the phases of the moon and how they can affect your behavior, mood, accomplishments and specifically how they have effected hers.  We also learned that the next full moon at Christmas will not be until 2034!  In Catherine's evaluation of Paige's speech, she provided valuable insights on some things that Paige might want to work on, sandwiched in between all of the strengths of her skilled presentation. 

Andrea Miranda used her clicker to make us aware of our Ah's, Um's and You Knows to help us diminish the use of those crutches.  After Bud gave his timer report, Paige and Catherine were awarded Best Speaker and Best Evaluator.  Jim Owen tied up all the loose ends of the meeting with his summary and overview of the entire meeting.  Our guest offered positive feedback and we look forward to Brittany joining us again.  Hoping everyone has a very safe, happy and blessed holiday, a very happy beginning to 2017 and we'll see you all next year.  Our next meeting is January 5.

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