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Monday, November 14, 2016

Sandy Springs Toastmasters 11/10/16 Meeting Recap

After the pledge, Toastmaster, Catherine Lautenbacher, turned the meeting over to Table Topics Master, Andrea Miranda.  Andrea gave each participant an etiquette tip from her little book on the same, and asked each member or guest to share a story related to the tip.  Steve Bragg won Best Table Topics for his "no hangover" remedy. 
After the coffee break, Vanessa Lane gave her 9th speech which was a plea to businesses to close on Thanksgiving Day so that she and her family can enjoy their traditional Black Friday fun. Darbie Saunders evaluated Vanessa's speech.  Jeremiah Jones gave his 3rd speech about the movement of various ethnic groups either to the suburbs or to the cities and he also called for affordable housing in the city so that people could live close to their jobs and public transportation.  Paige Kerr evaluated Jeremiah's speech.  Darbie Saunders won Best Evaluator and Jeremiah Jones won Best Speaker.  One guest attended today.  We welcome anyone to join in our weekly camaraderie!

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