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Friday, September 30, 2016

Sandy Springs Toastmasters 9/29/16 Meeting Recap

Bud Otto opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and a few comments about the historic debate. Followed by President, Alan Magee, also making some opening comments about the debate!  Alan reported that we had a great response to membership drive but of course, are always eager for new members.  Toastmaster, Jim Owen, ran the rest of the meeting with precision and ease, starting with Table Topics Master, Bud Otto.  Bud brought in a box filled with various household items.  He gave each ofus 10 seconds to select an item which we then had to sell to the group.  Paige Kerr won Best Table Topics response with her breathy, Marlena Dietrich style marketing technique on her Cecilia product. Coffee and donuts were enjoyed by all at the break compliments of Crystal Reeves.

Alan Magee gave a speech entitled, "Relationship Mapping" in which he explained a technique we can use to categorize co-workers (or any relationships) with a 1, 2 or 3 in order to prioritize and determine how much to invest in each relationship.  It is a process that he's going to present to his team at work and this allowed him to test it out with all of us.  Anastasia Pass gave her 10th speech entitled, "SEAL Team USA or The Pendulum is Swinging".  It was an inspirational presentation on how in these uncertain and confusing times in our culture, that it would behoove us to adopt and practice some of the fundamentals of success of the Navy SEALs.  Paige Kerr and Steve Bragg offered Alan and Anastasia substantive feedback, pointing out the strengths of their speeches as well as suggestions of how they might make them even more impactful.  Anastasia Pass won Best Speaker and Steve Bragg Best Evaluator.  Jon Martindale served dual roles as both Ti/V and General Evaluator and encouraged everyone to attend Toastmasters Fall Conference.  Anyone who is interested in more information can either give Jon a call or go to  Many thanks to everyone else who volunteered.

Improv Workshop has been postponed until October 20, so the next meeting will be our standard TM.

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