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Friday, September 2, 2016

Sandy Springs Toastmasters 9/1 Meeting Recap

Our ever faithful Sargeant-at-Arms, Bud Otto, opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and then introduced the President, Alan Magee.  Alan highlighted that today is the first day of college football.  He also gave accolades to one of our members, Duane Humphrey, who won't be able to participate in our group any longer due to his new job.
Toastmaster of the day, Jan van Rensburg, led the group thru the meeting after proudly announcing that just the night before, he closed on his new home. Crystal Reeves Word of the Day was "embellish" which she embellished.  Anastasia Pass presented the joke of the day which reminded everyone that words do make a difference.  Jon Martindale, the Table Topics Master, educated us on roles, responsibilities and the meaning of being in Toastmasters thru a series of TM related questions   Jan van Rensburg won best Table Topics for his very humorous answer that somehow included psychedelic drugs!
Catherine Lautenbacher served as the GE, eloquently and efficiently leading us through the speaking and evaluating portion of the meeting. Attendees were treated to 3 speeches. The first, given by Michael McConnell, was a vivid and well told "What's the Narrative" story of the amazing life lessons we can learn by just closely observing our surroundings - even in a coffee shop.  Paige Kerr, the second speaker, started with beautifully singing a few lines from Barbara Streisand's hit, "Memories". She took us on a journey thru her eyes of several  popular tourist sites in Atlanta proper, including many facts and much description about her watercolored memories of the Cyclorama.  She then tied those "watercolored memories" to how important it is to keep good family history records.  Colbi Ellison, our third speaker, treated us to a Linked In training session.  He boiled down a one-hour training that he voluntarily gives to veterans, to a 7 minute presentation that was filled with detail and enthusiasm about the best way to  utilize Linked In in particular, but social media in general. We learned the importance of creating an attention-grabbing Headline and doing daily activities on LI.    Jim Owen, Vanessa Lane and Alan Magee were the respective Evaluators. They each provided spcific positive feedback and helpful tips to each of the speakers. Best Speech award went to Michael McConnell and Best Evaluator was awarded to Alan Magee.  Many thanks to all our members.

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