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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Toastmasters Meeting Recap 8/4

(recap from --- 8/4 meeting)  
Bud Otto performed the TM role and entertained the audience with his witty humor.

Phillip Knight engaged the group with a series of Table Topic questions all centered around "jobs".  We learned about everyone's first, favorite, dream, worst and most entertaining jobs. Paige Kerr won the best table topics for the second week in a row sharing how she is a "supervisor" and by not doing a good job, she does a good job.

Alan Magee provided coffee for the mid-morning break.

Crystal Reeves took on the GE role and moved the group smoothly thru the speaking and evaluation section of the meeting, closing with her overall meeting evaluation.

Vanessa Lane gave her sixth speech focused on vocal variet titled "The Speed of Summer". She shared the hectic pace of her summer with entertaining stories about her work, family and travel.

Catherine Lautenbacher gave her 7th speech which she shared the origin of her treasured family name (Catherine with a "C")  in history. There were interesting stories of St. Catherine of Italy and Catherine the Great and their feats to set the name Catherine on a pedestal.

Alan Magee & Jeremiah Jones offered valuable positive evaluations and a few improvement tips to the two speakers. Catherine Lautenbacher won Best Speaker award and Alan Magee won Best Evaluator award.  

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