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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Toastmasters 8/11 Meeting Recap

Jeremiah Jones performed the TM role for a packed meeting.

Darbie Saunders led table topics in which we learned about each member through "ice breaker" stories. Some were funny and interesting, while all were entertaining.  Duane Humphrey won the best table topics as he shared this story about why he loves saving gas and driving around his small rental car instead of his gas guzzling truck.

Alan Magee provided coffee for the mid-morning break.

Catherine Lautenbacher took on the GE role and moved the group smoothly thru the speaking and evaluation section of the meeting, closing with her overall meeting evaluation.

Jan van Rensburg gave a speech title "Learn from me" in which we he shared stories of DIY'er regret with tips on what to expect with any DIY project.

Duane Humphrey offered an insightful evaluation of Jan's speech.

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