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Friday, July 8, 2016

Sandy Springs Toastmaster July 7, 2016 Meeting Recap

July 14 meeting roles are below.  Please let Stasia know asap if you will not be attending the 7/14 meeting. Thanks and have a safe week!
Jim Owen - TM
Alan Magee - TT
Karen Walker - Coffee
Bud Otto - GE
Catherine Lautenbacher - Speaker
Anastasia Pass  - Speaker
Jon Martindale - E
Steve Bragg - E
Duane Humphrey - Gr/Ah
Derek Anderson - Joke
Vimal Zala - Word
Ti/V - Open

Sandy Springs Toastmaster July 7, 2016 Meeting Recap

Our first meeting in July was kicked off by Michael McConnell. He made positive comments about the previous year of Sandy Springs TM activities and introduced and thanked the new Sandy Spring President, Alan Magee, and the new Vice President of Education, Anastasia Pass. Michael also mentioned that in August we will be having our humorous speech contest for anyone who might be interested in preparing for that.  More details to come.

Alan Magee thanked Michael for his outstanding leadership in 2015-2016 as President of the group. Alan also gave a recap of the the news from TM Leadership Institute that he attended.  He said that by November 2017, Toastmasters International plans to move all manuals away from print to an all digital format, including evaluations and speech logs. They're working thru the logistics and more information will be communicated in the magazines and at future meetings.  The mother group is also encouraging everyone to set goals for this year, e.g. to achieve CC or make ACB, etc. The push this year is for us to engage youth in TM and initiatlly we will be working with Gwinnett Public Schools. Stay tuned for more info.  Alan's big reveal was the very cool prizes our group now has to use at our discretion - very nice ceramic TM coffee mugs!!!  Woohoo!!!

After Alan's remarks, Colbi Ellison, (pronounced "cobee" we think!) volunteered to be the TM. He commented to the one guest who attended that being ready and willing to step into any role at any meeting is one of the skills Toastmasters prepares you to do.  We all appreciated how poised Colbi handled all the details and moved the meeting along without a glitch.  Crystal Reeves eloquently presented 2 patriotic riddles; Bud Otto's word of the day was the tongue twister "dystopia".  The Table Topics, presented by Anastasia Pass, was a series of silly paper plate awards and the participants when given the award were told whether they were the award recipient or presenter. After several very amusing responses to awards like the Pinocchio Award, Little Miss Sunshine and Social Butterfly Champion, Crystal Reeves won Best Table Topics with her very credible acceptance of the Best Back Seat Driver Award.

Alan Magee's speech, First Days, from the Advanced Communicator Storytelling tract, was a well-constructed advisory discussion about how we can overcome the inevitable fear that accompanies all "first day" experiences.  Reza Shah provided Alan feedback on the good points of his speech as well as what he thought could be improved.  Vanessa Lane gave out the awards. Our Gr/Ah counter of the day, Jim Owen, explained to the guest the rvalue of performing this role. He reported that we all still fill in with ahs and ums but overall, we're making progress.  Darbie Saunders stepped in as the GE and sung the praises of all aspects of the meeting with her very thorough recap of the meeting.  Even with a long break enjoying the coffee Anastasia brought, Colbi was still able to adjourn the meeting early.  See you next week!

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