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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sandy Springs Toastmaster July 28 2016 Meeting Recap

Good Dyee:
No, I'm not an Aussie but just felt like saying that! If a theme had to be assigned to today's meeting it would be "listen".  After our very reliable Sargeant at Arms, Bud Otto, opened the meeting with our traditional Pledge of Allegiance, our President, Alan Magee started us off with an exercise to get our listening ears on.  Jon Martindale served as our TM and prepared a very nice agenda with address and club #3133 at the top.  Nice touch! He then smoothly led the meeting thru the various roles, starting on time and closing early.  Steve Bragg stepped up to present the Word of the day - "obstreperous", and believe it or not, at least 2 members used it! Vanessa Lane stepped up to handle the Ah/Gr role and then Paige Kerr presented the joke of the day and a delightful chicken joke it was - oddly enough - also related to listening. We all had to listen very closely as Duane Humphries, our Table Topics Master of the day,challenged us with a bizarre set of beginnings to stories that we had to finish,e.g. Dr. Phil called you and asked how you could improve his talk show - Maury Povich did the same; You dieted for 6 months and throughout the entire time the only thing that motivated you was having a strawberry shortcake at the end - and McD's couldn't deliver; instead of the stork delivering a baby he delivered a mutant ninja vampire...Paige Kerr won Best Table Topics for her very credible finish of the story "you won a 2016 Range Rover but in order to receive the prize, you had to provide video evidence of slapping Mike Tyson."  Who says Toastmasters isn't fun!!!
After a nice break with coffee and donut holes compliments of Steve Bragg, Jeremiah Jones gave his 2nd speech entitled "What do we do now?", It was a poignant reflection about recent turn of events of horrific police shootings and equally horrific retaliations.  Jeremiah's main points were that honest conversations need to happen and that we all need to listen to both sides before we speak and when we speak, we need to measure our words.  Paige Kerr stepped up as Jeremiah's Evaluator and highlighted the strengths of his presentation and gave him some very specific suggestions of how to make his speeches more impactful.  Anastasia Pass gave a positive overview of the entire meeting and we all need to be excited that the timing lights have now been found!  Anastasia encouraged everyone to bring their Leadership and Communication Manuals to every meeting so that the VPE or President can sign off on their progress towards Competent Communicator and Competent Leader achievements.
Vanessa gave us a good Ah/Gra report and Catherine Lautenbacher, our Ti/V, gave out the awards. Jon Martindale closed out the meeting with an overview of the 2 tracks all members can work towards - CC and CL.  We had one guest attend today and hope that she returns.  We are a great group and look forward to having anyone join us!
Next week's roles: (please contact Alan Magee if you are not able to attend.  Anastasia will not be able to attend the meetings on Aug. 4 and Aug 11.)

Bud Otto - TM
Phillip Knight - TT
Crystal Reeves - GE
Catherine Lautenbacher - S
Vanessa Lane - S
Alex Brinkman - E
Michael McConnell - E
Paige Kerr- Ti/V
Duane Humphries - Coffee
Jon Martindale - Ah/Gr
Karen Walker - Word
Jim Owen - Joke

Many thanks to each of you!

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