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Friday, July 22, 2016

Sandy Springs Toastmaster July 21, 2016 Meeting Recap

Hello Fellow Toastmasters and Visitors:
Below is the schedule for July 28 and the July 21 meeting recap.  Please let Anastasia or Alan know if you will be able to participate this week and if you would like us to slot you in for a speech or any other roles in the coming weeks.  Hope everyone has a great week!

July 28 Schedule
Jon Martindale - TM
Duane Humphrey - TT
Anastasia Pass - GE
Jeremiah Jones - S
Colbi Ellison - S
Karen Walker - E
Phillip Knight - E
Steve Bragg - Coffee
Catherine Lautenbacher - Ti/V
Jan van Rensburg - Gr/Ah
Open - Word
Open - Joke

Bud Otto opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and then our President and Toastmaster of the day, Alan Magee, reminded everyone about the humorous speech contest that we were going to have on August 18 but for now are moving to Aug 25.  Anyone who would like to enter the contest, please let Alan or Anastasia know as soon as possible.  Alan also highlighted an article in the current Toastmasters magazine about using quotations in speeches.  The article advised using no more than 2 quotes in a 5-7 minute speech.  Michael McConnell's Table Topics were questions related to a variety of dog breeds. Responders were given a little background on and characteristics of the breed and where it fit in the popularity rankings. They were then to answer the specific question they were given as if they were that breed, e.g. Bloodhound, Mastiff, Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Boxer, etc. Everyone had clever responses like Alex Brinkman who was a Bloodhound who worked in a prison and couldn't wait for someone to try and escape.  Alan Magee was a Labrador Retriever who was constantly under pressure to hone his marketing and social media skills to maintain his ranking as most popular dog year after year. Duane Humphrey humorously shared some true stories about big brave athletes melting down when they met his Pitbull face to face.
Anastasia Pass won Best Table Topic as a Boxer who was a closet ballet enthusiast.

After a relaxed Coffee break,compliments of Catherine Lautenbacher, the GE, Alex Brinkman, introduced the Evaluator, Duane Humphrey, who introduced the only Speaker of the day, Anastasia Pass.  Anastasia gave her 9th Speech, Persuade with Power.  It was her 3rd in a series of 4 speeches on the topic of Navy SEALs.  This speech was about why she believes that women should not be in Special Operations forces or in live combat, specifically, not in the Navy SEALs. Duane's evaluation provided Anastasia with both the strong points of her presentation as well as a few things that she could think about doing to improve the speech should she give it again.

Before the meeting closed, Anastasia Pass shared something that she had learned from a TM training in which she recently participated.  The trainer explained that it's not necessary to give an original speech each and every project.  You can give the same speech as many times as you want, polishing it each time and modifying it to fit the particular skill you're working on like vocal variety, gestures, getting to the point, etc.  In fact, the trainer said that she gave the same speech for all 10 projects in the first Competent Communicator manual!  Something to think about for sure.

Please contact Alan or Anastasia by email or phone to let them know if you will be at the 7/28 meeting and also if you want to give a speech or take on another role at a future meeting. or 770-823-1917

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