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Friday, June 10, 2016

Toastmasters Recap June 9, 2016

Thursday's meeting featured a Table Topics session run by Duane (Humphrey). He
asked a variety of questions, but it was Steve (Bragg) who used his question to
talk about Kim Kardashian that brought him the votes to win Best Table Topic Answer.

Refreshments were provide by Crystal (Reeves).

Three entertaining Speeches were given:
  Karen (Walker) opened with "I am not addicted to reading ... I can quit anytime I want." And then she talked about the many advantages of continuing on (with reading).
  Catherine (Lautenbacher) began with "I am not a camper. But did you know you can rent a tent at REI?" And proceeded to tell us about camping and Cumberland Island and Cooking.
  Vanessa (Lane) started with "I went to dinner and was given a piece of paper ..." With that innocent opening she revealed her (thrill seeking) love of riding roller coasters and racing cars.

All the speeches were well crafted, but only one could win: Vanessa won the Best Speaker Award.

Thanks to all for participating in group evaluations of the speeches.

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