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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sandy Springs Toastmaster 4/14 Meeting Recap

(recap from --- 4/14 -- meeting)  
Colbi Ellison performed the TM duties for last week's meeting with the them of "Greatness" weaved throughout his commentary.

Crystal Reeves led a table topics where the group crafted a story about a vacation and each response built on the previous response. Vimal Zala & Darbie Saunders both won best response for their responses on how we raised money to visit Fiji and what happened when we met a wolf there.

Vimal Zala provided coffee and orange juice for the break.

Two  speeches from long time members entertained the audience. Darbie Saunders gave a speech titled "Over the Hill" in which she was "Mastering the Toast" of her husband's 40th birthday next month. It was filled with funny yet endearing stories.

Michael McConnell gave a speech from the entertaining manual titled "A Morning in the Park" in which we were taken through a story about barefoot running for the first time, all while in the presence of a friendly alligatorMichael won for best speech.

Thanks to the evaluators Derek Anderson & Anastasia Pass for insightful feedback. Derek won for best evaluation.   

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