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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sandy Springs Toastmasters Meeting Recap 3/31

(recap from --- 3/31 -- meeting)  
Paige Kerr performed the TM duties for last week's meeting.

Chris Ashkouti led a timely table topics session in which members had to each open up a fortune cookie and discuss the advice that the fortune had given them. There were some very mindful, insightful and interesting responses. Anthony (guest) won best response by sharing how he described his fortune for everyday mindfulness.

Catherine Lautenbacher provided coffee and orange juice for the break.

Three speeches from members entertained the members and guests. Crystal Reeves gave her ninth speech towards the competent communicator titled “A Dangerous Love Affair” in which she used her power of persuasion to have use be responsible consumers and not buy excessively for the month of April.

Derek Anderson gave his ice breaker speech titled "You Can’t Go Home Again" in which we learned about Derek’s journey through life from Conyers to LA to London and back to Conyers. The speech was brought to life through various stories from points in his life.

Karen Walker gave her 4th speech toward the competent communicator title “Reservoir of Strength” which was a follow-up from her last speech “The Curveball Effect”. Karen shared through entertaining stories where her inner strength and positive attitude comes from in the face of daily challenges.

Crystal won for best speech.

Thanks to the evaluators Duane Humphrey, Scott Israel and Bud Otto for insightful feedback. Duane won for best evaluation.   

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