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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Toastmasters 1/21 Meeting Recap

(recap from --- 1/21 -- meeting)  
Josh Sofsky performed the TM duties for last week's meeting.

The Table Topics session by Raj Kosaraju informed the members various facts about India and asked the members a variety of questions, some related and some unrelated to the fact.  Anastasia Pass won for best response (for the second week in a row) with a thought provoking response about population control and the impact of public roads on impacting the issue.

After the snack break provided by Subu Venkatram, two speeches were given by members. Vanessa Lane gave the speech title "The Diet of a Lifetime" in which she shared how the Naturally Slim philosophy has impacted her health and eating habits. Arti Patel shared the second speech "Sweet Necessity" where we learned how cookies can be an inspiration, bring happiness and put you at ease. 

Vanessa won the best speech award of the day. 

Thanks to the Evaluators, Duane Humphrey & Anastasia Pass for giving very insightful feedback. Duane Humphrey won for best evaluation of the meeting.

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