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Friday, January 15, 2016

Toastmasters 1/14 Meeting Recap

(recap from --- 1/14 -- meeting)  
Colbi Ellison performed the TM duties and included a very information Toastmasters agenda and guide that was referenced multiple times during the meeting.

The Table Topics session by Karen Walker asked the members thought provoking questions that were answered with a variety of responses.  Anastasia Pass won for best response with a spot on impression of Master Yoda to answer the question is better to try and fail or never try at all.

After the snack break provided by Jon Martindale, three speeches were given by members. Rion Rizzo shared an animated story called "Electile Dysfunction" in which recounted the 6th grade election for "safety patrol captain" in which he was pitted against his elementary school arch nemesis and crush. Rose Baldwin gave a speech titled "Value Leaders" in which described how value leaders inspire confidence and move people to action as builders, dreamers and situational leaders. Subu Venkatram shared an ice breaker speech in which we learned a lot about him; from how he came to the US, his love of "beer and cheese pizza" to working in an old tank factory. Rion won the best speech award of the day. 

Thanks to the Evaluators, Steve Bragg, Michael McConnell & Crystal Reeves for giving very insightful feedback. Steve Bragg won for best evaluation of the meeting

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