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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Toastmasters 11/12 Meeting Recap

Rion Rizzo served as the Toastmaster for the first Sandy Springs TED Talks session. 

Jan van Rensburg kicked off the session with talk about the Group Elephant and how they are taking on the challenge of the preserving at risk Elephants and Rhinos while also impacting the economic uplifting of rural people in impact countries. 

The second talk was given by Karen Walker about how creative writing brings out each of our individual creativity. She shared two stories that she has crafted as examples of expressing emotions with out external judgement.

The third talk by Duane Humphrey called "We all love sports; even those who don't" engaged the audience into the world of sports from multiple angles including Duane's personal history, political engagement and superstar superstitions.

The final talk by Alan Magee was an "Anatomy of TED Talks" where he shared research that had been conducted on what makes one TED Talk more popular an viral than another. The five key areas were: Charisma, Jazz Hands, Vocal Variety, Perception (smiling & attire) and the first seven seconds.

The entire group shared very insightful feedback for each of the speakers in between each session.

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