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Friday, October 23, 2015

Toastmasters Meeting Recap 10/22

(recap from --- 10/22 -- meeting)  
Michael McConnell performed the TM duties for Thursday's meeting.

The Table Topics session by Alan Magee used famous movie quotes to question the audience on various related topics. Bud Otto won for best response (for a second week in a row) for his reaction to a quote from the movie JAWS and the ever growing shark problem in our ocean.

After the snack break provided by Diana Heinrich , two speeches were given by members. Jim Owen shared ways to make yourself happier at work with a few insightful steps we can all takeAnastasia Pass gave a speech called "Rising to the Occasion" where she shared a vivid story that exemplified that we don't know how we will react in certain situations until they actually happen. Anastasia won the best speech award of the day.

Thanks to the Evaluators, Steve Bragg and Mark Hageli for giving very insightful feedback. Mark Hageli won for best evaluation of the meeting.

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