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Friday, September 18, 2015

Toastmasters Meeting Recap 9/17

Anastasia Pass performed the TM duties for Thursday's meeting.

The Table Topics session by Arthur Ball challenged everyone to discuss what is an innovation that has had a significant impact on our world & lives. There were many interesting answers like the compass, iphone, pensions, facebook, swimming pools, keurig machines and the Atari 2600.... Steve Bragg won for the best response of the day on parenthood prevention.

After the snack break provided by Jim Owen, speeches from both a long standing and a new member engaged and entertained the audience  Bud Otto provided sage advice on estate planning using very descriptive language and an interactive handout. Arti Patel gave her second speech to motivate everyone to live a healthier life by sitting less & moving more during the day as "Sitting is the new smoking" was articulated.  Arti Patel won the best speech award of the day.

Thanks to the Evaluators Steve Bragg and Alan Magee for giving insightful feedback. Steve Bragg received the Best Evaluation Award.

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