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Friday, June 26, 2015

Toastmasters Meeting June 25

The last meeting for June was an energetic one, Thursday.

TM Crystal (Reeves) presided over the meeting deftly.

Jim (Owen's) Table Topics -don't sweat the small stuff
questions- generated numerous well-delivered responses.
Crystal (Reeves) won best Table Topics Answer Award.

Rose (Baldwin) gave her Ice Breaker speech and showed
promise of what is to come: well constructed, informational
talks blended with personal insight.
Duane (Humphrey) gave his third speech, and again, grabbed
control of the audience's attention and didn't let go until he
ended the talk: positive thinking.
Duane won Best Speech Award

Evaluations were given by Linda (Warren), and Josh (Sofsky).
These two demonstrated why feedback is powerful and helpful
to the person 'working' on their speaking.
Josh won best Evaluator Award.

Word of the day thanks to Taylor (Sterk): derecho

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