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Friday, June 12, 2015

Toastmasters Meeting June 11

TM Jan (van Rensburg) guided an assorted dozen
Members and Visitors through a meeting with more
highs than lows this Thursday, June 11.

The Table Topics section featured (very) new member
Rose (Baldwin) volunteering to run that section, and her
questions generated a number of humorous responses, but
the Best Response Award went to Brian (Robbins), a first
time visitor.

Another high point was two very well constructed and delivered
speeches by 2nd-speech-members Ronnie (Cole) & Duane (Humphrey).
Duane took the Best Speech Award.

A perfect complement to excellent speeches by newer members was
two perceptive Evaluations given by two of our club's more accomplished
speakers: Bud Otto & Rion Rizzo.
Bud took the Best Evaluation Award.

The lows? According to unnamed source(s),
Everyone struggled to use of the word for the day: apocryphal
(Thanks to Bud for the word.)

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