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Friday, June 26, 2015

Improv For July 2

This coming Thursday we combine Speaking with Improv for the entire meeting: as Members & Visitors  practice developing an "ability to perform without any preparation".

Join us July 2, step out of your comfort zone (we all 'say' we want to ...)

Some links to get a feel for what's coming.  More links and words will be added here continually
up to the actual meeting ... the countdown has started!

The big picture -> using improv to improve your speaking
Whet your appetite here -> 5 'rules' of improv
To get in a humorous mood -> 'confidently'

Do you like to see & hear ... not just read?  Have a look at the following
TED Talk videos related to improv ...

  this one

  and this one

All we need in the meeting is you.


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