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Friday, March 20, 2015

Toastmasters Meeting March 19

(March 19 Meeting)

The meeting featured a Table Topics session
run by Jan (van Rensburg). His questions were
based on a 36 question sequence used by a
University study to determine
    'what it takes to fall in love'.
Best Table Topics Award went to Steve (Bragg)
for adroitly answering question 36.

Alan (Magee) and Sheila (Tamongdong) were
featured in the Speech portion of the meeting.
Sheila's Ice Breaker was engaging and well received.
Alan's speech featured him delivering a 'how to' for
cooking a delectable non-spaghetti 'spaghetti'.
He left with the Best Speech award, and we left hungry.

Evaluations, a high point, were given by Taylor
(Sterk) and Ronnie (Coleman).
Taylor won the Best Evaluator award.

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