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Friday, January 16, 2015

Toastmasters Meeting 22-Jan-2015

The schedule for the meeting Jan-22 is viewable
from the [schedule] tab on our website.
or click => here <= to be taken there.

The Thursday Jan-15 meeting was lively and
moved quickly, guided by Mark (Hageli) doing
TM duties.

Rion (Rizzo) kept spirits up with his Table Topics
questions that revolved around a 'choice' to be
answered by each respondent.
Mark (Hageli) won the Best Table Topics Award.

Alan (Magee), Colbi (Ellison), and Crystal (Reeves)
gave speeches that were enjoyed by all. Alan's topic
concerned persuading us that a new Atlanta Soccer
Team was a (very) good idea. Colbi delivered a 'televised
opinion' piece speech on the merits of a College Football
Playoff system. Crystal detailed an 'other' way to tour
and experience Alaska.
Crystal won the Best Speech Award.

Jon (Martindale), Michael (McConnell), and Anastasia
(Pass) were the evaluators.
Anastasia won the Best Evaluation Award.

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