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Friday, December 19, 2014

Sandy Springs Toastmasters: ready for 2015

We had our last meeting of the year 2014
on December 18: and upbeat speaking event
for all that were able to attend.

Jim (Owen), Toastmaster for the meeting kept things
moving by having Chris (Bear) run the Table Topics
section of the meeting when the Topics Meister hadn't
shown, yet.

Double thanks to Chris for improvising questions for our
improvisational portion! He tag-teamed the Meister position
to Darbi (Saunders) when she appeared, successfully passing
through the I-285 Traffic Gauntlet.
Best Table Topics Response was won by Josh (Sofsky).

Speeches were given by Colbi (Ellison), and Michael (McConnell).
Best Speech award was given to Michael.

Speaking of impromptu: Anistasia (Pass) and Tanisha (Adams) each
gave an insightful and helpful evaluation of a speech heard for the first
time. Many thanks for on the spot synthesis & commentary from both
Tanisha won the best Evaluation award.

Our next meeting is January 8, 2015.

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