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Friday, October 3, 2014

Toastmasters Meeting October 9

Thursday's meeting (2-Oct) was enlivened with
a baker's dozen of people.

TM Bud Otto took us through the schedule highlighted
by a refreshments break midway through featuring
homemade delicacies (thanks Anastasia (Pass)).

Table Topics, by Michael (McConnell), mimicked a
streamlined version of Shark Tank. Some members
pitched new business ideas, others answered as
wise 'shark' investors. Through it all only one survived
to win the prize: Rion (Rizzo). He displayed elements of
braggadocio in delivery of his stunning 'business' idea.
(Thanks for word of the day Crystal)

Speeches by Jon (Martindale) and Colbi (Ellison) were well
thought out and delivered. Congratulations to Jon for winning
Best Speech Award.

Evaluations by Mark (Hageli) and Crystal (Reeves) were
insightful and on target. Congratulations to Mark for winning
Best Evaluator Award.

This week's TM is Phillip Knight (email:

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