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Friday, October 24, 2014

Toastmasters Meeting October 30

TM Darbie (Saunders) proved herself more
than the titular head of Thursday's (Oct-23)
meeting; moving us efficiently along.

Jan (Van Rensburg) stepped in to tease
members and guests with questions relating
to travel. Table Topics well done!
Bud (Otto) added another Award to his stack.

The speech section featured talks by Michael
(McConnell) and Mark (Hageli). Each, well
received, wandered off the 'normal' speech path.
Michael took Best Speech award.

Evaluations for the atypical speeches were given
by Jan (Van Rensburg) and Rion (Rizzo), and were
much appreciated. Jan took Best Evaluation award.

>> Special thanks to Jan for handling multiple roles,
>> and Chris (Bear) for word of the day.

TM this week Michael McConnell (
*(updated: Oct-29-2014)

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