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Friday, August 29, 2014

Toastmasters Meeting 4-Sep

Yesterday's meeting (28-Aug) moved along crisply, beginning
with Topics Master Mark Hageli peppering members and
guests alike with questions concerning 'labor'. The best answer,
by a landslide, was that 'brought forth' by the day's acting
TM Rion (Rizzo).

Tanisha (Adams) edged out two other well presented speeches
by Linda (Warren) and Nicole (Hill). Tanisha's speech title "Take
The Pledge" intrigued the audience and her delivery kept everyone's

Evaluations of the speeches were by Bud (Otto), Michael
(McConnell), and Darbie (Saunders). Congratulations to
Darbie who won best Evaluator.

This coming week's TM is Jon Martindale (email:

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