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Friday, June 27, 2014

Toastmasters Meeting 03-July

The past meeting (26-June) featured TM Chris (Bear)
not  just shepherding us through the meeting but
also increasing our vocabulary, with word of the
day espresso.

Steve (Bragg) kept Table Topics lively with questions
about 'summer'. Guest Anastasia won the award for
best impromptu answer.

The speech portion featured Michael (McConnell) and
Rion (Rizzo). Rion captured best speaker award thanks
to a riveting story with descriptive imagery.

Helpful evaluations by Darbi (Krauth) and Josh (Sofsky),
with Darbi taking honors, completed a well rounded meeting.

- The 3-July Meeting -

This Week features a change of pace, for those able to come.
We're calling it 'Table Topics ReFried':

Everyone will have a chance to answer a Table Topic question,
then after a refreshments break, each 'contestant' will be asked
to 'Re-Answer' the same question - this time, since they've probably
considered what they 'could have said'- each person will speak 
 between 3-4 minutes.

Don't miss it (!) Everyone will have two chances to 'practice'

 Guests as well as members are encouraged to participate.

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