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Friday, May 2, 2014

Toastmaster Schedule for 8 May

May 1st's meeting began with a set of sometimes unnerving questions concerning known and
little know observances or occurrences taking place in the month of may. These were Table Topics
questions courtesy of Bud Otto. The best on-the-spot impromptu answer was awarded to
first time visitor Troy and it concerned Hoagie Day in May.

The two speeches given centered around the elements that make a good speech. Jon (Martindale) detailed
the structure and left us with a good image to remember them (glove). Jan (Van Rensburg) gave a talk that made rich use of the elements, and won the best speech award. (Kudos to Jan, it was his Tenth speech)

TM this week is Bud Otto (email:
(check the schedule and contact if unavailable)

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