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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Toastmaster Schedule For 27 March, 2014

Bud Otto surprised everyone, Thursday, March 20th,
with a Table Topics theme of 70's movies. Given a number
of our flat-tongued responses, he may have concluded that
none of us really 'watch' movies, or just not the 'good' ones!

If the value of a speech is determined by an
entertaining presentation & informative content,
then both of the morning speakers delivered the
goods. Gina (Allums) enhanced a talk about
her company by using visual aids, and won the
best speech award; while Jon (Martindale) detailed
what goes into preparing and organizing a speech.
Not only was he well organized, this was an impromptu

Thanks to evaluators Chris (Bear) and Nicole (Hill) for
meeting the task of helping us understand what each speaker
did well, and how each may get better the next go around.

This week's TM is Michael McConnell (email:
  advise him about your availability 
 *updated: 26-March-14

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