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Friday, January 17, 2014

Toastmaster Schedule for 23 January, 2014

Highlights from our recent meeting:

    Gina Allums handled Table Topics by asking
members to respond with an 'Explanation' and
not an 'Excuse' to her questions. Bud Otto won
with an answer closer to the latter.

   Alan Magee gave his second speech and
it was well organized and helpful! (So
you want to keep a resolution or goal do you.)

   Darbie Krauth completed her Competent
Communicator Speech manual with a talk
covering the pressure cooker atmosphere of
her last few months her in the ATL: both
serious and humorous. She received the best
speech award.

                      Please review the schedule for our upcoming meetings and
                      verify with Toastmaster Bud Otto (email:
                      your availability for 23-January.

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