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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Toastmaster Schedule for 07 November, 2013

Our meeting today departed from the usual structure
- Table Topics only - and all attendees had multiple
opportunities to spin tall tales... but quickly!

Jon Martindale & Rion Rizzo conducted the
first two sessions. The most notable two from
each round were selected by popular vote.
These surviving contestants then delighted everyone
with their respective impromptu responses to Table
Topics Finalist Meister Alan Magee's question.

And the result was a Tie! Kudos to
Darbie Krauth & Soyini Coke for demonstrating
how to deal with the unexpected (questions).
[honorable mention to Mark Hageli & Rion Rizzo]

The Toastmaster for this coming week is
Soyini Coke  (email:
Check out the schedule below, contact her about your

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