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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Toastmaster Schedule for Thursday, 08 August

Q: What can happen in 90 minutes?
A: A lot; for example at the Aug 1 meeting

   1. Table Topics person Steve Bragg,
   peppered most of the attendees with
   questions relating to time and listened to
   the unrehearsed answers.

   2. Three speakers delivered engaging
   talks on topics of their choosing, and
   Kristi McMillan captured the most votes
   with her inaugural speech effort.

   3. Three other people then synthesized what
   they'd just heard and delivered evaluations
   on the 'effectiveness' of those speeches for the
   purpose of helping the speakers
   Oh, and time was found for refreshments and mingling.
   90 minutes. Time got away from us this morning.

Next week's Toastmaster is Bud Otto (contact him
at:  after reviewing the schedule
below and verify your availability.)

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