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Monday, May 20, 2013

Toastmasters Schedule for Thursday, May 23

Greetings fellow Toastmasters.

This past Thursday brought about an enjoyable and productive meeting.  Bob Davis challenged us to use our imaginations, as his Table Topics questions were quite ordinary, but our answers had to be creative.  Jan walked away with the distinction of best Table Topics and Best Evaluator.

Chris delivered his much anticipated Icebreaker, and he did not disappoint…he is smooth like Hennessy.  We learned the many places that Chris and his family have lived, and they still has 45 states to go.  Abhishek delivered a thoughtful speech, sharing with us, the positive impact that marriage has had on his life.  His confidence grows with every speech.  (Thank you Tre for that excellent meeting recap!)

Elections were also held, and our slate of 2013/2014 officers is as follows:

President – Rion Rizzo
VP Education – Michael McConnell
VP Membership – Claressa Hicklen
VP PR – Chris Bear
Treasurer – Jim Owen
Secretary  - Derek Miner
SAA – Bud Otto

Congratulations to all candidates, as we look forward to another year of superlative speeches, systemic self-improvement, and superb socializing.

The weekly Toastmaster schedule is updated for your review. Please be in touch with the Toastmaster (this week, Chris Bear, ( to advise of your availability to fulfill your duties. 

We have a momentous meeting coming up.  This Thursday, May 23, is the first ever Sandy Springs Toastmasters Speak-a-Thon!!  For this one day, we will skip Table Topics, and have four speakers, to be followed by group evaluations.  This should mix up our meeting a bit and allow four members to regale us with their wit and erudition.  Be sure to lend your support and feedback.

We look forward to seeing you this Thursday. Speak well and be well.

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