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Friday, October 19, 2012

Toastmasters Schedule for Thursday, October 25

Greetings fellow Toastmasters!  We had a great meeting this week, with two great speeches by Tre and Dan Shaw.  Kyle Waddle walked away with the Best Evaluator award for the second time in the last three meetings!  Way to go!  And of course, Mark Hageli evaluated so well that he went home clutching the Best Evaluator award  

The weekly Toastmaster schedule is updated for your review. Please be in touch with the Toastmaster (this week, Colbi Ellison, email: to advise him of your availability to fulfill your duties. 

In addition to Kyle speaking next Thursday, we will have a guest speaker, Ms. Kathleen Bingham.  Kathleen is a member of the North Gwinnett Advanced Toastmasters Club, has earned her ACS and ALS, and is speaking to our club as part of her completion of requirements for her DTM!  We're looking forward to meeting Kathleen as well as hearing her speak.

Those of you who have not yet paid your dues for the current 6-month session, and you know who you are, please take care of TODAY so we can be up to date.  There is a PayPal payment option on our club website, so it's as easy as can be.  Many thanks.

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