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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest - Starts at 7:00 AM this Thursday

I hope you'll be joining us this Thursday. This is a great week for visitors and members to see several entertaining and humorous speeches, and our best speech evaluators. The format for this week is a little different than normal, but we'll need every member and probably a few visitors to help determine our club's contest winners. The funniest speaker and best evaluator will go on to compete against other area club's bests next week.

This Week's Contest Meeting Format
Our meeting will start at 7 AM with a brief welcome and introduction. We'll cover the format for the contest, then we'll officially kick off the Humorous Speech Contest with our 1st speaker by 7:15 AM.

Once we conclude with our last humorous speech, we'll take a short coffee break around 7:45, and then resume with our Evaluation Contest.

Humorous Speech Contest Format
The Humorous Speech contest speakers have 5 to 7 minutes to deliver an original and entertaining speech. The speeches should be humorous, we hope! And, the speakers are advised to avoid potentially objectionable language, anecdotes, and material. Additionally, speeches should be thematic in nature (opening, body, and close), not a monologue (series of one-liners). There will be several judges that will judge each contest using a standard Toastmasters judging form to help them determine the best speaker.

Evaluation Speech Contest Format
The Evaluation Contest starts with a guest "target" speaker. At the conclusion of this speech, the Evaluation Contestants will leave the room and have 5 minutes to prepare their evaluations feedback for our target speaker. Each evaluator will come back in the room and provide a 2-3 minute evaluation packed with suggestions on what the speaker did well and tips to improve. Several judges will be listening to each evaluation and will score each contestant using the standard Toastmasters judging form.

The winner for both contests will be announced at the conclusion of the meeting.

If you have questions about these speech contest, please see the following FAQs from Toastmasters International:

Directions and Parking Info:
Carpenter Drive is just north of I-285 intersection of Roswell Road. We meet in Campbell Stone apartments, which is a block past the Comfort Inn Suites.
Visitor parking is actually located near the exist after you loop all the way around the parking lot.
Enter the building through the main entrance under the canopy, and proceed down the right hall to the dining room on the main level.

If you have any trouble finding us, please contact Michael at 678-871-9729.

Please let us know if you plan to join us by posting a comment to this post or by visiting our event at

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