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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

FW: Toastmasters / tomorrow's meeting

The latest and the greatest……….

We are making progress!  We now have (2) confirmed speakers.  A “BIG THANKS” to Rion and Steve Drage for volunteering to speak.  Mary, there is still room for you if you are able to put something together.  Speakers, please be sure to prepare an introduction for your evaluator, indicating:

1) speech manual you are working from
2) speech # you are delivering
3) personal and outlined goals for the speech…..ex: trying to enhance vocal variety, less fillers, etc. (this will enable the audience to provide helpful feedback)
4) a little background information about you

As of now, the confirmations I have are in purple:

SPEAKER #1                       -           Rion Rizzo
SPEAKER #2                       -           Steve Drage
SPEAKER #3                       -           Mary Frances?      

WORD OF THE DAY          -           Jim Owen
EVALUATOR #1                  -           Bud Otto
JOKE MASTER                    -           Vladimir Vujic
DOUGHNUTS / BAGELS   -           Michael Wray
TABLE TOPICS                    -           Pooja Joshi
GENERAL EVALUATOR   -           Steve Bragg
INVOCATION / PLEDGE    -          Steve Wallace
GRAMMARIAN                    -           “OPEN”
EVALUATOR #2                  -           “OPEN”
AH COUNTER                     -           “OPEN”

Anyone willing to step-up and claim one of the “green” roles, I welcome hearing from you.

Thanks again, everyone!


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