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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sandy Springs Toastmasters September 24, 2020 Meeting Recap and Meetings Roles for October 8, 2020

Toastmasters 9/24/20 Recap

Sergeant at Arms, Bud Otto, opened the meeting with the pledge of allegiance, and then turned the meeting over to our president, Una Richards. 

Una updated us on upcoming Toastmasters events (see list below) and then introduced our Toastmaster of the day, Jim Owen.


Nine members were present, and one visitor, Foluso Akerele. 

 Anastasia gave us the word of the day -  Festinate – which means to hurry or make faster. 


Jim then introduced our first speaker Sam Gadebusch.  


Sam gave his 5 to 7-minute speech on Core Values, explaining the values he learned at his school, Penn State.  

·       To have a positive attitude

·       Develop a great work ethic

·       Compete in everything you do

·       Be willing to make sacrifices


Andy Kallenberg then presented his speech, a 20-25-minute speech at Level 4 in Pathways.

His speech and Power Point presentation focused on racial injustice, and included time for discussion with other members. 

This presentation will be given to a work group, and Andy he presented to Toastmasters to solicit feedback from the members

before making his presentation.


Una gave an insightful evaluation, and several members added additional comments. 

The meeting ended with an abbreviated Table Topics session with questions on “Life Stories”. 

The meeting was then adjourned.   The next meeting will be October 8th at 7 a.m. 


October 8th Schedule:

Toastmaster:  Una - Confirmed

Table Topics: Riquet

Speeches:  Bud, Magdalana - Confirmed

Evaluators: Apoorva, Jimmy

Word:  Crystal - Confirmed

Ah/Gram:  Errington - Confirmed


Upcoming   Events:

Creating Killer Stories Pt 1

When:  Saturday, September 26, 2020   9:00 am to 11:30 am Eastern time.

Speakers Roundtable

Toastmasters Club presents a two-part professional workshop on the fundamentals of developing and delivering an effective story in a speech.  The training will be presented on September 26th.  Demonstrations and activities will be on October 3rd.  Registration is required for each spot.

If interested, please contact


Saturday, September 12, 2020

Sandy Springs Toastmasters September 10, 2020 Meeting Recap and Meetings Roles for September 24, 2020


All meetings will be held biweekly every 2nd & 4th Thursday via Zoom at 7AM.

 Zoom link:

Next meeting is September 24, 2020, 7AM


The September 10, 2020 meeting opened with seven members present. 

 Riquet Caballero served as Toastmaster; he also provided the:

Word of the Day: Ultracrepidarian – A person who judges or expresses opinions on matters outside their area of expertise.

 Andy Kallenberg led us in Table Topics and presented situations in which two people disagreed and we were to decide who was right and who was wrong.

Bud Otto won for best table topic for his answer to a question of, should parents pay for their son’s art school. 

 Apoorva Salimath-Kalasuramath gave her icebreaker speech, “A Unique Journey”, telling of where she was born, the many countries she has lived in, and her work here in Atlanta. Bud gave an insightful evaluation and wrapping up the meeting, Jim Owen gave the ah counter/grammarian report.

 Please confirm your meeting roles for September 24th

Toastmaster:  Jim Owens - Confirmed

Table Topics:  Una Richards- Confirmed

Speech:      Sam Gadebusch-

Speech:      Andy Kallenberg - Confirmed                                              

Evaluator:   Misty Olive

Evaluator:     Crystal Reeves- Confirmed

Word of the Day:  Anastasia-Confirmed

AH/GR- Anastasia Pass-Confirmed