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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Toastmasters Recap: 19 May 2016 meeting

Catherine Lautenbacher did a superlative job as Toastmaster.  She moved the meeting along with grace, efficiency and humor with her opening remarks, reminding us that “this date in history” Pete Townsend was born and precisely how he came about with the lyrics to the Who’s hit song, My Generation.   Word of the Day was offered by Bud Ottodally

Reza Shah, our Table Topics Master, spurred by his admiration for the United States’ election process and voting privilege, served up only one thought provoking question that each of us had to answer.  We were to state one word that encapsulated what we want from our next President.  After the last participant, Reza recited the entire list, concluding that it would be difficult for any one person to fill our high expectations.  Bud Otto won for best table topic response “freedom”.

Paige Kerr graciously provided hot coffee and juice to the group.

The patriotic theme continued with Bud Otto’s Storytelling Project speech entitled “Summer of 61”.  Most of us were expecting a story of a lazy day on the beach but instead, we were given a well-told recounting of Bud’s experiences during Marine basic training at Paris Island with all the superlatives and local “Marine” color sprinkled throughout.  We felt like standing up and saluting as he cleverly closed by playing a bit of a military tune on his iPhone while proudly finishing his story with his graduation from Basic.  Semper Fi!

Without any preplanning on Bud and Anastasia’s part, the USA theme was again prevalent in Anastasia Pass’s speech entitled “Navy SEALs – Born or Made.”  This was the first in her four-part series about this group of elite warriors.  Since the #7 speech in the CC is a Research Project, Anastasia cited several different sources about the making of a Navy SEAL, including anecdotes about her son, David Sears, a retired Navy SEAL Commander.
Crystal Reeves gave a very detailed and helpful evaluation of Bud’s speech.  Darbie Saunders evaluated Anastasia’s speech, commenting on how she doesn’t think anyone has ever done a series of speeches and she thought that was really fun and unique.   Anastasia won Best Speech and Crystal won Best Evaluator.

Vanessa Lane performed the General Evaluator role for a second week in a row.  Darbie did double duty as Ah/Gr and Jon Martindale handled the Ti/V duties.

Catherine enthusiastically used the gavel to close the meeting - almost 15 minutes early – we most certainly did not “lollygag”! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Toastmasters Meeting Recap 5/12

Michael McConnell performed the TM role and did it so effectively that the meeting adjourned 15 minutes early!

The word of the day was "fauve" which was cleverly used by at least one or two members during the course of the meeting.  Catherine Lautenbacher recited from memory a funny joke about how you really can't "take it with you."

Phillip Knight challenged the group with a random series of Table Topic questions ranging from "Tell us what's better, intelligence or common sense" to "If your hero knocked on your door, who would that be and what activity would you do with them?" to "What did you always get in trouble for when you were growing up?" The questions elicited heartfelt, funny and insightful responses. Anastasia Pass won Best Table Topics without answering her own question but instead answering at least 5 of the other questions.  Timer Jim Owen might say "you had to be there!"

Kelly Marble went above and beyond with the more than generous amount of donuts, coffee and juice that she provided!

Vanessa Lane took on the GE role and moved the group smoothly thru the speaking and evaluation section of the meeting, closing with her overall meeting evaluation.

Karen Walker gave an entertaining speech entitled "Once Upon A Time" which was a delightful story of person whose passion for reading and creative writing started early in life, was put on the back burner while rearing a family and is now coming back full circle. The twist at the end was that the story was about Karen.  

Crystal Reeves gave her 10th speech which was entitled "Life Changing". It was an inspirational speech about how Toastmasters truly did change her life. Following the speakers, 

Bud Otto and Paige Kerr offered valuable positive evaluations and a few improvement tips to the two speakers. Crystal Reeves won Best Speaker award andPaige Kerr won Best Evaluator award.