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Friday, August 28, 2015

Toastmasters Meeting 8/27/2015

Ronnie Cole performed the TM duties for Thursday's meeting.

Arti (Patel), as Table Topics Master, supplied each person with an 'unusual' place to imagine as 'home' and asked for declarations of its greatness.
Crystal (Reeves) won best Table Topics Answer when she convince herself, and us, that living in Death Valley was an artist's dream come true(!).

We were treated to three speeches, Thursday. Vanessa (Lane) - 'Servant Leadership'. Kirk (Livingood) - 'If everyone had a Phd, who would pick up the ...?'. Anastasia (Sears) - 'Holy Moment'.
Only one could take the prize though, and Kirk's surprise twist won him the Best Speech Award.

Our evaluators Steve (Bragg), Jan (van Rensburg), and Raj (Kosaraju) each brought out highlights and suggestions for enhancing already well crafted speehes.
Steve took Best Evaluation Award.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Toastmasters 8/20 Meeting Recap

(recap from --- 8/20 -- meeting)  
Jan van Rensburg performed the Toastmaster duties for Thursday's meeting.

Table Topics session by Arthur Ball allowed everyone to work on their descriptors as we had to describe various characters (real or fake) .... Rion Rizzo won for this best response about Leonardo da Vinci life on the Titanic.

Two members gave speeches that enlightened the audience with through story telling in different ways. Duane (Humphrey) shared some creative story telling about his hospital experience in "Shaking your Head" with a funny tie back to Toastmasters evaluations Alan (Magee) told a story about being either a "Chicken or Eagle" giving everyone food for thought about who they are. Duane (Humphrey) took home the Best Speech for the contest.

Thanks to the Evaluators Vimal (Zala) and Anastasia (Pass) for giving insightful and actionable feedback.

Anastasia (Pass) received the Best Evaluation Award.