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Friday, March 24, 2017

Sandy Springs Toastmasters 3/23/17 Meeting Recap

Crystal Reeves served as the Toastmaster for today's meeting.

Our Table Topics Master, John Calloway, challenged everyone to an interesting marketing game of sorts.  Each participant had to draw from a random set of cards that had the name of a company and a slogan.  Their job was to do concoct an inspiring 30-90 second commercial that would compel us to buy the product or service. Members were not allowed to name the company until the end but the audience could shout out their guess of what the company was based on the commercial. We were treated to an amazing set of commercials for companies such as M&M's, Energizer, and Ajax. However, Ralston Medouze won Best Table Topics for his commercial on how to "relax" at a Holiday Inn.

The first of two speakers was Melinda Schmitt, who gave her 3rd speech project "Get to the Point" entitled "My Year of Hugs". In it she explained the what and why of her inspiring year of hugs as well as the impact it had on not only her own life but on those of family, friends and strangers.  The big message was that everyone's life matters.  Michael McConnell offered Melinda comments about the best parts of her presentation and specific ways she could improve it if told again.

Anastasia Pass gave her 2nd speech in the Advanced Communicator Storytelling Manual entitled "The Legend of Pawley's Island".  The purpose of the talk was for the speaker to tell, not read, a folk tale and this story was about the legendary Gray Man which originated in the early 1800's.  Even to this day, if you see a Gray Man on Pawley's Island, you should take heed of his warning that a great storm is coming and leave the island.  Andrea Miranda evaluated Anastasia's speech with very specific feedback on what she liked about her style and content as well as some tips on what might have strengthened her speech.

Awards of the day went to Melinda Schmitt for Best Speaker and to Andrea Miranda for Best Evaluator Award.

Next meeting is Thursday, March 30, 7:00am.  See you there!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

3/16 Toastmasters Meeting Recap

(recap from --- 3/16 meeting)  
Bud Otto performed the TM duties for last week's meeting.

Melinda Schmitt led the table topics session with a series of "Dear Abby" advice requests that each member had to answer. John Calloway won for best response by giving advice about how acceptable using your phone in unsanitary locations is ok in some instances but not others.

A special guest Addison Rosenberg, who is 11 years old and the local winner of the Optimist Oratorical competition gave a speech on having optimism.  It was quite entertaining and inspiring for the group.

After Addison, we were enlightened with speeches from two club members. Ralston Medouze gave his ice breaker speech "Guyana" in which we learned about his heritage, family, love of travel and a few fun facts

Jeremiah Jones gave his "How to Say it" speech titled "High Performance People" in which he inspired us to spend our energy and not our time in relation to each of 

Jeremiah won for best speech and walked away as a two time winner!

Thanks to the evaluators Brittany Pare & Crystal Reeves for insightful feedback. Crystal won for best evaluation.