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Friday, August 29, 2014

Toastmasters Meeting 4-Sep

Yesterday's meeting (28-Aug) moved along crisply, beginning
with Topics Master Mark Hageli peppering members and
guests alike with questions concerning 'labor'. The best answer,
by a landslide, was that 'brought forth' by the day's acting
TM Rion (Rizzo).

Tanisha (Adams) edged out two other well presented speeches
by Linda (Warren) and Nicole (Hill). Tanisha's speech title "Take
The Pledge" intrigued the audience and her delivery kept everyone's

Evaluations of the speeches were by Bud (Otto), Michael
(McConnell), and Darbie (Saunders). Congratulations to
Darbie who won best evaluator.

This coming week features:
    Table Topics by Nicole Hill
    Speech         by Rick Heneghan

Friday, August 22, 2014

Toastmasters Meeting 28-Aug

Thursday's meeting (Aug-21) was lively.

Sam (Lee) handled Table Topics for the first time
and put everyone in the mindset to talk about
something related to an invention. Anastasia (Pass)
won best answer award for this portion.

Both speakers - Phillip (Knight), Josh (Sofsky) - made
effective use of visual displays to enhance the talks.
A close ballot resulted in Phillip grabbing the prize.

Tanisha (Adams) and Rion (Rizzo) offered Evaluations
highlighting the good the bad (...and the getting better).
Rion edged ahead for the best evaluator award.

Check below schedule for assignments. This week's
TM Michael McConnell (email:

Friday, August 15, 2014

Toastmasters Meeting 21-Aug

The Mid-August Toastmasters Meeting (Aug-14),
under TM Alan Magee's guidance went smoothly
and enjoyably for all.

Rick (Heneghan) ran the Table Topics portion and
impromptu talks on Robin William's comedic influence
were given. Linda (Warren) won Best Answer award,
though she did NOT imitate Robin acting out our word
of the day (thanks Bud).

Speeches were given by Michael (McConnell) and
Chris (Bear). Chris won Best Speech award with a
talk about another side to a person who may seem
carefree and worriless from the outside, such as
Robin Williams.

Evaluations of the speeches were helpful.Thanks to Rion
(Rizzo) and Linda (Warren). Rion won the award for
Best Evaluation.

Please review the schedule below, contact
this week's TM Bud Otto (email:

Friday, August 8, 2014

Toastmasters Meeting 14-Aug

Thursday's meeting (Aug 7) featured a
Table Topics section (thanks Chris) oriented
 around Atlanta's 'features'.
 Phillip (Knight) pulled down the
award for best response.

Two confidently presented informative talks,
by Alan (Magee) and Jim (Owen) were well
received. We had a tie for best speech.
Kudos for excellent speeches.

Mark (Hageli) expertly juggled Evaluation duties.

Please see below schedule for the coming Week
Alan Magee (email: is this week's TM
*(updated: 13-Aug