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Friday, October 24, 2014

Toastmasters Meeting October 30

TM Darbie (Saunders) proved herself more
than the titular head of Thursday's (Oct-23)
meeting; moving us efficiently along.

Jan (Van Rensburg) stepped in to tease
members and guests with questions relating
to travel. Table Topics well done!

The speech section featured talks by Michael
(McConnell) and Mark (Hageli). Each wandered
off the path of their norm, though well received.
Michael took Best Speech award.

Evaluations for the atypical speeches were given
by Jan (Van Rensburg) and Rion (Rizzo), and were
much appreciated. Jan took Best Evaluation award.

>> Special thanks to Jan for handling multiple roles,
>> and Chris for word of the day.

TM this week Michael McConnell (

Friday, October 17, 2014

Toastmasters Meeting October 23

Thursday's (Oct-16) meeting held the speaking portion first and
members and guests were rewarded with two well prepared and
thought out speeches: Linda (Warren) and Phillip (Knight).
Phillip took Best Speaker Award in a close vote.

Evaluations were given by Michael (McConnell) and Bud (Otto).
Bud earned Best Evaluator Award.

Table Topics Master of Ceremonies Chris (Bear) peppered everyone
with 'Believe It or Not' facts concerning Canada before asking us
related questions.
Anastasia (Pass) took home Best Table Topics Award for her answer.

Special thanks to TM Jim (Owen) for making it a 'smoothly' run meeting.

This coming week's TM is Darbie (email:
Check the schedule below:

Friday, October 10, 2014

Toastmasters Meeting October 16

The past meeting (Oct-9) featured energetic participants.

Thanks to Phillip Knight's handling of TM duties, the morning
moved efficiently.

Linda (Warren)  as Topics Master asked members and guests
alike to give an impromptu answer to "Remember when ..."
questions. Among the uproarious responses, none topped
Bud Otto's (supposed) remembrance of driving to a place
called "The Bucket of Blood", when just 15. He won the best
Table Topics Award.

Riveting speeches were given by Rion Rizzo and Alan Magee.
A close contest resulted in Rion taking Best Speaker Award.

Evaluations by Crystal (Reeves) and Mark (Hageli) helpfully
assessed the speeches. Mark won Best Evaluation Award.

This coming week (Oct-16)  features a modified format. Speeches
will be given first, followed by evaluations. Table Topics will occur
during the last portion of the meeting. (after snacks break)

TM is Jim Owens (email:
TT  Topics Master: Chris Bear


# FName LName
1 Linda Warren
2 Steve Bragg
3 Phillip Knight

Other responsibilities are as listed last week.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Toastmasters Meeting October 9

Thursday's meeting (2-Oct) was enlivened with
a baker's dozen of people.

TM Bud Otto took us through the schedule highlighted
by a refreshments break midway through featuring
homemade delicacies (thanks Anastasia (Pass)).

Table Topics, by Michael (McConnell), mimicked a
streamlined version of Shark Tank. Some members
pitched new business ideas, others answered as
wise 'shark' investors. Through it all only one survived
to win the prize: Rion (Rizzo). He displayed elements of
braggadocio in delivery of his stunning 'business' idea.
(Thanks for word of the day Crystal)

Speeches by Jon (Martindale) and Colbi (Ellison) were well
thought out and delivered. Congratulations to Jon for winning
Best Speech Award.

Evaluations by Mark (Hageli) and Crystal (Reeves) were
insightful and on target. Congratulations to Mark for winning
Best Evaluator Award.

This week's TM is Phillip Knight (email: