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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sandy Springs 5-25 Toastmasters Meeting Recap

President, Alan Magee, introduced Marianne Gudina, our Club's Area Director and invited her to say a few words.  Marianne congratulated us on being a steady and diligent club who have achieved 5 of the 10 TM goals.  She also gave a quick snapshot of the new Pathways program that TM International will be rolling out to our Region in December.  For more info, go to this link.  Marianne also mentioned that the next training sessions for new officers will be July 15.

Alan proceeded with the election of our 2017-18 Officers.  Jim Owen will continue as the Treasurer; Bud Otto as Sergeant-at-Arms; Anastasia Pass was elected President and Ralston Medouze will be VP of Public Relations.  Offices remaining to be filled are the VP of Education, the VP of Membership and Secretary/Co-VPE.  We are still looking for members who are interested in these roles. All offices must be filled before June 30 as the term of office begins July 1.  Please contact Anastasia Pass or Alan Magee if interested. Your time and talent is invaluable to the success of our club!

The meeting was then turned over to TM, Crystal Reeves, who welcomed our 2 guests, Krista Cutcliff and Gelisa Beard. Reza Shah gave us a very interesting Word of the Day - "memoriter". Table Topics Master, Ralston Medouze, challenged all comers to a question related to several obscure holidays celebrated in May, e.g. Favorite Beverage Day, National Chocolate Chip Day & Star Wars Day.  David Kulze won for his matter-of-fact response to an Escargot Day question.  David gave us the sage advice that we should try snails because they just taste like butter and garlic vs. trying crunchy and dry chicken feet.

Our first speaker, Reza Shah, gave his 4th speech entitled "Why Ben Carson Should Come to TM". With dry humor, he gave a commentary on Ben Carson's speech delivery methods and how they drastically fall short of TM standards.  Alan Magee's speech from the Storytelling series, was entitled "Forbidden Love".  He kept the intrigue going in his opening sentences and then confessed that alas, that forbidden love is coffee.  He described how he came to love coffee so much and all the wonderful things about it.  Bud Otto and Anastasia Pass told the speakers what they liked about their presentations and how they might strengthen them.  Alan won Best Speaker and Anastasia won Best Evaluator.  For being her first time as GE, Melinda Schmitt gave a very succinct and positive overview of the entire meeting, as well as suggestions of what we might do to improve our meeting. The guests gave us candid and encouraging remarks about how much they enjoyed their visit to our club.  We invite them to return and join.  Their contributions will be valued and appreciated just as all of our current members are.  Thank you to everyone who filled a role this week.  Just a quick reminder to bring your manuals to the next meeting so that we can give you credit for the leadership roles you filled and help you achieve your Competent Communicator and Competent Leader goals.

Happy Memorial Day!  Be sure to take time to honor and thank all those who gave their lives for our freedom and all the men and women who are serving and sacrificing today. God bless you all.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Sandy Springs 5/18 Toastmasters Meeting Recap

President, Alan Magee, announced that our club achieved Distinguished Club recognition and need one more member to earn Competent Communicator or Competent Leader by 6/30 for us to achieve Select Distiguished.  Also reminded all that elections would be coming up on 5/25/17.

Alan turned the meeting over to Toastmaster, Andrea Miranda, who kicked things off by calling up Anastasia Pass for word of the day, "piquant", and Crystal Reeves for joke of the day about "Death & Taxes".  Table Topics Master was Darbie Saunders,  Since Darbie's son is turning two years old, the set of questions she cleverly created centered around all things birthday related, e.g. Pinterest - when planning for a birthday is it a blessing or a curse?  Party Favors - for or against?  What's the key to party planning?  Jim Owen won Best Table Topics for his response to how he celebrated his birthday when he was young. He had us all laughing as he humorously told us that he was a twin whose mother dressed his brother and him alike, especially on their birthdays and he blamed who he is today to some degree on what he referred to as this "warped childhood".

Our only speaker was Melinda Schmitt who gave her 4th speech entitled "I Choose To Cruise" in which she described the best facets of cruising and what has made her such a passionate fan.  Paige Kerr offered Melinda thoughtful and positive feedback on content, structure and presentation.

Before closing the meeting, Alan again reviewed the primary roles of the officers that we will be electing:  President, (serve a liaison with District, and oversee organization of club along with VPE and CFO); Vice President of Education (maintain schedule in Google Docs and bring copies to meetings, write and post weekly recaps in Google Groups and encourage members to earn their CC, CL and Advanced achievements); and Vice President of Marketing/Membership (monitor and devise methods of marketing our club and driving membership thru social media, special events, etc). There was some discussion which is to be continued, about electing Co-VPEs to split up the workload. Please contact Alan Magee, Anastasia Pass, Bud Otto or Jim Owen if you would either like to nominate someone for one of these leadership positions or if you are interested in running!  Elections will be held either 5/25 or at the latest, June 1st.

Many thanks to all the members who pitched in their time and talent and to our guest, Rosa Field, for getting us all together for a photo!
Photo L-R:  Guest, Rosa Field; President, Alan Magee; Paige Kerr; Darbie Saunders; VPE, Anastasia Pass; CFO, Jim Owen; Crystal Reeves; David Kulze; Melinda Schmitt; Reza Shah; Sergeant-At-Arms, Bud Otto;