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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sandy Springs 7/19 Toastmasters Meeting Recap and July 26th Roles

Sandy Springs Toastmasters Meeting Recap for 7/19/18
Bud Otto, our Sergeant-at-Arms, called the meeting to order with the pledge of allegiance. We had a group of 9 members and 2 guests. Everyone was glad to see Bud back as he was out for several weeks recuperating from hip surgery.
Our club president, Paige Kerr, gave opening remarks and welcomed our guests Fran Cadden and Duane Humphrey. Paige had them tell us a little bit about themselves and answer in a few words why they wanted to do Toastmasters. Fran said she is recently semi-retired, had always wanted to come to Toastmasters and came to the meeting at the urging of her granddaughter who said: “go for it!”. As for Duane, he told us that this was not his first Toastmasters’ meeting; In fact, he used to be a member of our own Sandy Springs Toastmasters club. He will be joining our club again and attending our weekly meetings. Paige then went on to introduce our Toastmaster of the day, Chris Ashkouti.
Chris presented a great theme for the meeting: Be courageous and step outside of your comfort zone. Afterward, the word of the day was given by Sharon Reid, Pensive, which means thoughtful and reflective.
Chris called on Magdalena Raj who was the table topics master of the day. Magdalena had us step into a world of fantasy and mythology.  Questions such as “Mercury is the Roman messenger God known for his winged sandals- they move at lightning speed. If you had them for a day, where would you travel to?” and “Harry Potter had an invisibility coak help him. Spiderman had super strength and those cool webs. You can borrow one for a day, which would you use and why?”.  The best table topics answer, however, went to Sharon Reid, our newest member! She was asked which future Disney princess she’d like to be: Cinderella, who had to be a servant to her stepmother and stepsister or Rapunzel, who was locked away in a tower deep in the woods from when she was a little girl. Sharon, answered by saying that she would rather be Cinderella because Cinderella learned to be of service, therefore, she’d be humble when she became a princess.
The group took a brief 7-minute coffee break then resumed the meeting. Etsehiwot Ezra gave her 5th speech in 5 months titled “Lessons learned from my double injury”.  She talked about how the back to back injuries she sustained a year ago taught her to do everything in moderation, to stop and smell the roses, and that the come back was so much sweeter.  There was only one speaker, therefore, we quickly moved to the speech evaluation portion which was done by Duane. The members were so glad to see Duane again! He provided Etsehiwot an insightful evaluation.
Paige Kerr gave us a brief overview of a presentation she had to give on August 15th representing Sandy Springs Toastmasters to an association of engineers and architects. She solicited feedback from the members about presenting on overcoming one’s anxiety in public speaking. Paige reviewed the schedule for next week in the absence of the Vice President of Education, Una Richards.
Chris evaluated the meeting and the meeting was adjourned.
See below for the assignments and open roles!
Roles for Thursday 7/26/2018
·         Sargeant at Arms: Bud Otto
·         Toastmaster: Jim Owen
·         Table Topics: Crystal Reeves
·         Speaker 1: Etsehiwot Ezra
·         Speaker 2: Paige Kerr
·         Ah/Gr: Open
·         Ti/V: Open
·         Word: Magdalena Raj
·         Joke: Open

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Sandy Springs 7/12 Toastmasters Meeting Recap and July 19th Roles

Sandy Springs Toastmasters Meeting Recap for 7/12/18
Note: This is a long one -- be sure to read to the end for next week's assignments and reply by Sunday, July 15

Crystal Reeves substituted for Bud Otto as Sergeant-at-Arms this morning and did an excellent job setting a positive tone for the meeting and our day.  

After a break for the July 4 holiday, 10 members (including Sharon Reid, who joined today!) plus our new Area Director, Rowen Andrade enjoyed today's meeting that included past President, Anastasia Pass, passing the gavel and awarding officer lapel pins and Toastmasters pens as well as the 2018 Club Leadership Guide to new officers. As a part of the installation of new officers, Anastasia reviewed each role's purpose and mission. The following new officers will lead the charge for the new Toastmaster year which runs July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019:
  • Bud Otto - Sergeant-at-Arms - arrives early to set up the room & our liaison with Campbell Stone!
  • Jim Owens -Treasurer - manages dues and our funds
  • Etsehiwot Ezra  - Secretary - writes the recaps and posts them!
  • Ralston Medouze - VP of Public Relations - in charge of our social media and website!
  • Una Richards - VP of Education -- manages the schedule/assignments!
  • Paige Kerr - President - helps us stay focused on individual and club goals!
  • VP of Membership is still open but Jim is also filling this role for now
Paige provided all members with their official Toastmasters lapel pin! She also made some announcements and comments before leading Table Topics. Paige encouraged members to connect, providing everyone with member contact information, suggesting that everyone add the members to their phone contact list. If a last minute conflict occurs, you can quickly text another member -- preferably the Toastmaster or President -- but when emergencies arise, who thinks of THAT?!  :)

Paige also shared a few particulars of the Distinguished Club Program (DCP) and how Pathways is a part of the education requirement. Officer training, number of members and prompt dues payment is also factored into the DCP recognition!  Paige shared her brief experience with Pathways and all the officers will be learning more at officer training on July 21.  She encouraged everyone to get logged into Toastmasters International, complete the Pathways assessment and try it out! 

Members are also encouraged to take two action steps each Sunday:
  1. Respond regarding your role assignment to the Sandy Springs Toastmasters email group!
  2. RSVP on MeetUp!
A final note was about the members - our individual goals. Each of us needs to evaluate what we need and want from Toastmasters and let's help each other get it! Along those lines, Paige also mentioned that we should carry forward the Open House idea from last year's officer team. September might be a perfect time! More to come on this!

One other note: We've reorganized our file boxes to simplify our lives. One storage box has infrequently referenced materials: club constitution, copies of leadership guides, eval forms template, table topic ideas (for emergencies!), advanced speaker series brochures, guest materials, extension cord and some other supplies like a joke book! The small box now has everything we need for each week: Evaluation forms, gavel, voting slips, flipchart markers, guest book as well as TT, Speaker and Eval Award Certificates.  
BTW, we rearranged the room this morning too!  

Now for the Table Topics! Paige demonstrated how the Table Topic ideas file could be used in that emergency situation! She read from "chat" cards that offered a situation and question. Some examples were: If you were back in the 1850's, what one thing from today would you share? What historic park do you like the most and why? If you were writing a book, what would the topic be? These were very interesting and everyone got at least one vote! The winner was Colbi Ellison who shared his answer to the question about how he would use the letters in his name to create another name for himself! This was a perfect question for Colbi because he put a twist on the response explaining that you don't pronounce the "L" in his name. Until the 9th grade, Colbi thought his name was Cobi (without the 'l') because that how he heard it! And, to be clear, pronounce his name WITHOUT the 'l'! 

Next week, we are back to our regular agenda which includes a formal Toastmaster, Table Topics, Speakers and Evaluators!  Here are the roles for7/19/18:
  • Sargeant at Arms -- OPEN (unless Bud says he's coming)
  • Toastmaster: Philip Knight
  • Table Topics: Magalena Raj
  • Speaker 1: Etsehiwot Ezra
  • Speaker 2: Ralston Medouze
  • Evaluator 1: Paige Kerr
  • Evaluator 2: OPEN
  • Ah/Gr: OPEN
  • Ti/V: OPEN
  • Word: OPEN
  • Joke: Paige Kerr
Back ups for speakers are David Kulze and Paige Kerr.