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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Toastmasters Meeting 7/23 Recap

(recap from --- 7/23 -- meeting)
Duane Humphrey performed the TM duties for the first time on Thursday's meeting.

Table Topics session by Ronnie Cole entertained the group with some though provoking questions. Arthur (Ball) won the best response with interest in discussing top hat fashion with Abraham Lincoln someday.

The two of our newest members gave ice breaker speeches giving us insight into both of their lives. Karen (Walker) shared how "life can be like a box of chocolates" and Arthur (Ball) talked about his life to as he remembers it based on what he has forgotten. Both speakers tied for the Best Speech Award.

Thanks to the Evaluators Vanessa (Lane) and Rose (Baldwin)
for giving insightful feedback.
Rose received the Best Evaluation Award.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Toastmasters Meeting - July 16th

(recap from --- 7/16 -- meeting)
Bud Otto performed the TM duties for Thursday's meeting.

Table Topics session by Jon Martindale educated the group on the GLOVE technique and many other interesting aspect of public speaking.

The two member speeches provided entertainment for the morning. Kirk (Livingood) gave his ice breaker speech and we all learned about the "different sides of Kirk" and Alan (Magee) gave his tenth speech to complete the competent communicator manual which inspired the audience, titled "Mile 22". Alan took home the Best Speech Award.

Thanks to the Evaluators Ronnie (Cole) and Scott (Israel)
for giving insightful feedback.
Scott received the Best Evaluation Award.