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Friday, June 24, 2016

Sandy Springs Toastmaster Meeting Recap June 23, 2016

It is evidence that the summer months are here since we only had eight members attend the meeting this week.  So, double duties were in order.  Alan (Magee)  announced that Leadership Training opportunities are coming up in June and July.  For those interested, either go to the Toastmasters website or ask Alan or Anastasia for information.  Cost is $18.

For his first time performing the TM duties, Derek (Anderson) arrived early to make sure all was in order and handled all the details like a pro.  He also provided the coffee and donuts.

Alan's Table Topics theme was book titles.  He gave each participant the name of a book and we were to respond as if we were the author and tell what our book was about.  Because we had such a small group, we decided to do 2 rounds.  Steve (Bragg) won the award for his tongue-in-cheek description of his book "Strangers Have the Best Candy".

Anastasia (Pass) was the only speaker.  She gave her second in a series of 4 speeches related to the Navy SEALs.  This was Project 8 in the CC, "Getting Comfortable with Visual Aids".  Her speech was entitled "Scene by a Mother's Heart".  Anastasia used a PowerPoint presentation with a video of a Navy SEAL ad embedded in the PP to tell the story from a mother's perspective about her son's decision to become a Navy SEAL, how he developed the 6 main character traits of Navy SEALs: Moral Courage, Physical Courage, Humility, Creativity, Team-Ability and Resiliency, his SEAL training and 20-year career.

Crystal (Reeves) gave a very detailed and insightful Evaluation of the speech, listing all the strong points, suggested an alternate ending, and offering a few areas of how it could be improved, especially if ever give again.

Colbi (Ellison) also performed double duties. He was both the Ti/V and the General Evaluator.  In his overall evaluation of the meeting he suggested that it's very helpful if the TM always bring copies of a written agenda; he described Anastasia's speech as "epic" and encouraged her to give it again but when there is a 10-minute time frame.  He also gave some suggestions on PP presentations, realizing that our access to equipment in our venue is somewhat challenging.

Next meeting is the Thursday before a holiday weekend.  In addition to those who have a role assigned, we ask that everyone please let Anastasia, Alan or Jon Martindale know if you will be able to attend so that we can decide whether to cancel the meeting or not.

June 30 Roles:
Toastmaster:  Jon Martindale
Table Topics:  Jan van Rensburg
Speaker: Alan Magee (Opening for one more)
GE: Duane Humphrey
Word:  Bud Otto
Ti/V: Vimal Zala
Joke: Crystal Reeves
Gr/Ah: Open
Coffee:  Anastasia Pass

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Speak Up Sandy Springs Toastmasters Recap June 16, 2016

Bud Otto performed multiple roles in his unique Otto fashion at our last meeting serving as Sgt at Arms, Toastmaster and GE, .  Michael McConnell presented to the group an info-mercial meeting theme idea to apply to both TT and speeches and also informed us that another speaking club has expressed interest in attending our meeting and giving a couple of speeches.  Michael agreed as long as they are reciprocal and let us send a couple members to speak at their meeting.  More details to follow.  Please direct any new ideas or opinions on the above 2 ideas to Anastasia, Michael or Alan. 
Our Table Topics Master was Jim Owen who had a series of questions that were real interview questions that he found on the internet.  There were several interesting questions as well as amusing and serious responses with Anastasia Pass having the winning response. Her question was what would she change if she had to start her career over again. Answer: not to be an administrative assistant because it's rare to ever break out of the admin role and you are given exciting promotions like handling the supplies in not just one but two break rooms :0).
Coffee, donuts and juice were provide by Vanessa Lane.

Alex Brinkman gave his second CC speech (organizing your speech) entitled "Father's Day".  With Father's Day this coming weekend, it was a timely and touching tribute to his father and how without his father's direction, encouragement and good listening his life would most likely have gone in a completely negative direction.  It was candid, humorous and well organized.
Darbie Saunders gave an impromptu and animated speech about entitled "Treasure Hunting" which was all about her newest hobby - shopping at estate sales. She told how her passion developed, the best strategies she's learned, the wide variety of things you can find and how much money you can save at estate sales.  She encouraged all of us to check out and to join in the fun.

Catherine Lautenbacher gave Alex specific feedback on what she liked about his speech and how he could improve.  Alan Magee did the same for Darbie's speech and appreciated her enthusiastic call to action. Alex Brinkman won the Best Speaker Award and Alan Magee won Best Evaluator.

All in all, it was a another fun meeting and we look forward to seeing all of you and some guests next week!