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Friday, February 16, 2018

Sandy Springs TM 2-15-18 Meeting Recap and Roles for 2/22

Dear Sandy Springs TM and Guests:
Below are the roles for the 2/22/18 Meeting.  Please confirm your availability no later than Sunday, 2/18 by replying to all. 
TM - Alex Brinkman
Speakers - Officer Presentations - 10-15 min each: Andrea Miranda; Ralston Medouze; Reg speech: Paige Kerr
Evaluators: Group for Officer Presentations; Una Richards for Paige Kerr
Word: Bud Otto
Ti/V: David Kulze
Ah/Gr: Colbi Ellison
CLE: Anastasia Pass
Scribe: Anastasia Pass
Joke: Open

Our trusty Sergeant at Arms, Bud Otto, started the meeting off with the Pledge of Allegiance. VP Membership and Toastmaster, Andrea Miranda, informed members that the Society for Design and Administration (SDA) reached out to our club to see if one of our members would be interested in putting together a presentation on overcoming the fear of public speaking. All who are interested in being a keynote speaker should reach out to Anastasia Pass for more information. We were excited to see returning guests Etsehiwot “E” Ezra and Mitch Reiner. Word of the day - Nebbish (n): a timid, meek, or ineffectual person.

Table Topic Master, Alan Magee, led the session with a theme of the Olympics. Phillip Knight won Best Table Topics for his response to a question of what sport he would like to see incorporated into either the winter or summer Olympics…anything that promotes redheads winning more medals!

We had two speeches today. Phillip Knight has an upcoming presentation at work and wanted to use this opportunity to do a practice round before the real deal. He will surely give his associates the confidence they need to properly help their customers in regards to their 401Ks. Jim Owen spoke on physical techniques you can utilize to help overcome your fear of speaking. Jim won Best Speaker and Colbi Ellison won Best Evaluator.  Have a great week and we look forward to seeing everyone next week, 2/22, 7am!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Sandy Springs 2-8-18 Toastmasters Club Meeting Recap & Upcoming Roles

Hello Members and recent Guests: 
TWO IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS:  The Sandy Springs Executive Committee has decided that effective 2/15/18, our meetings will continue to be every Thursday but new time will be 7am - 8:15am instead of 8:30am end time.  Also, the GE role has now been eliminated.  Going forward, the Toastmaster will also fulfill the GE role.  Many other exciting things coming for our club!

Please review the roles listed below for the next meeting and enjoy the brief recap of this week's meeting.  We ask that you respectfully communicate your availability by no later than this coming Sunday in order to give the TM ample opportunity to fill your role if you are not available.  We also ask that whatever role you are assigned that you spend some time on TM International website to review exactly what your role entails.  We believe our club can provide the ultimate experience for all if each of us does their job.  While we are a volunteer organization and understand that life happens, the more commitment each individual brings to the game will only serve to elevate the collective experience.  

March 15 Roles:
TM: Una Richards
TT: Alan Magee
Speakers: Chris Ashkouti, Jim Owen, Phillip Knight
Evaluators: Colbi Ellison, Jeremiah Jones, Alex Brinkman
Scribe: Andrea Miranda
Ti/V: Bud Otto
Ah/Gr: Crystal Reeves
Word/Joke: Steve Bragg

2/8/18 Meeting Recap:
After Bud Otto led the Pledge of Allegiance, President, Anastasia Pass set a positive theme for the day by sharing a  well-received story she read by Jim Rohn entitled "Four Reasons to Think Like an Ant" - Never Give Up, Look Ahead, Stay Positive, & Do All You Can Do. She also was thrilled to welcome first time guest "E" and returning guest, Mitch Reiner. Word of the Day - Lenity - provided by Ralston Medouze.  Flexibility was the Word of the Day provided by Anastasia.  

Toastmaster, David Kulze, continued the positivity theme by reiterating the value and encouraging all to continue making connections with old friends, new friends and family.   He then facitlitated an impromptu Table Topics session using a really great tool called  "Conversation Starters" brought in by Anastasia Pass.  Lo and behold, David won Best Table Topics for his response to the question "Where would you go on your next family vacation?" ...which was Germany for a 4-day pig-eating party...You had to be here!

Alan Magee gave a brilliant impromptu icebreaker 2 speech.  He tied a current interest of his in the history and making of wine to all the similar components that made him who he is today - location, soil, climate and winemaking.  Andrea Miranda offered him specific and insightful feedback on the strengths of his presentation and suggestions for improvement.  

See you all next week!