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Monday, December 11, 2017

Sandy Springs Toastmaster 12-7-17 Meeting Recap

After Sergeant-At-Arms, Bud Otto, opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, he turned the meeting over to 2017-18 President, Anastasia Pass, who gave a summary of the District Meeting and advocated that our club participate in the Club to Club Exchange program.  Those members in attendance were in agreement that pending more info, we go ahead and volunteer to participate.  Anastasia will give a subsequent report at the 12/14 meeting.  She reminded everyone that 12/14 will be our last meeting of 2017 and we will resume our regular Thursday morning meeting schedule beginning the 2nd Thursday in January, 1/11/18.  Also a reminder that 12/14 will be a special meeting.  We will have Table Topics but mostly will be socializing and enjoying a holiday pot luck!  All are welcome to join in the camaraderie.  Food assignments have already been made so just come and enjoy.  Lastly, before handing meeting to TM, Anastasia recognized member, Paige Kerr, for her outstanding performance at the Final of District 44's Humorous Speech Contest with a bouquet of flowers, a festive Grump Plant (Lemon Cypress) and a small monetary gift to cover the costs of her contest participation.  Paige was deeply grateful and said that it was such a great experience that she'd love to try it again!  Sincere CONGRATULATIONS from all of us to Paige for her willingness and positive mental attitude - signs of a true leader!

Steve Bragg challenged us to use his Word of the Day - trope. Alas, no one was successful at the meeting but since it was not a trope request, we all promised to try to use during the week.

Our Table Topics Master of the week, Jim Owen, challenged our hearts with several "touchy-feely" questions.  One of our guests, Ryan, won Best Table Topics for his response to his question, "Have you done anything lately that you won't forget?" which was his Bit Coin investment!

Colbi Ellison entertained all with his speech entitled "Home".  It walked us through a variation on an icebreaker project all centered around his life growing up in the small Missouri town of Poplar Bluff.  Crystal Reeves offered him positive feedback about his presentation. 

Again, our next Sandy Springs TM meeting will be January 11th.  Please check either the email sent to members or the schedule on google sheets for role assignments.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and merry all holidays!!!! See you in 2018.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Sandy Springs Toastmasters 11/30 Meeting Recap

Hello Fellow Sandy Springs Toastmasters and guests!  
It's that time of year, holiday time! This is when we witness more intimate meetings as everyone gets pulled into the demands of the season. Thank you to those of you who attended last week and I encourage everyone to focus on putting yourself first, whether that means carving out alone time, getting a massage, or making it a priority to attend Toastmasters for your own personal growth.

Una Richards led table topics revolved around goals that are necessary, a probability, or a possibility. Everyone got a question related to one of those. Steve Bragg won for his humorous speech about a new puppy.

Even with a skeleton crew, 2 speeches were given! Bud Otto talked about how thankful he was for many things in his life including freedom. He neatly wove insightful commentary into his speech about the political and social arena, specifically socialism with interesting facts about socialist societies. Colbi Ellison gave his icebreaker speech centered around his family. He is one of 9 children and he discussed how that impacted his life's goals, one of which is his work with kids and communication skills - a passion of his and one of the reasons that he joined Toastmasters 10 years ago at the age of 22.
The group gave oral feedback and gave both speeches the best speech award! 

Everyone have a great week and we will see you on Thursday!